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Oakland Raiders News: Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now: The Oakland Raider Mambo Continues?

LiveAdam wrote this up and I think that it deserves it's own front page topic:


According to John Clayton, Al Davis is currently talking to many of the offensive assistant coaches without Lane Kiffin, to decide if Kiffin is staying or going.

    Even though Lane Kiffin remained head coach of the Oakland Raiders long enough to meet with the Bay Area media Monday, the process of replacing him has begun.

According to a source, Raiders owner Al Davis scheduled one-hour meetings Monday evening with three members of the coaching staff — offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, offensive line coach Tom Cable and longtime NFL offensive coordinator and current Raiders consultant Paul Hackett. The meetings, according to the source, were to discuss the possibility of replacing Kiffin, who has yet to be informed of any potential change.

The "source" (aka Kiffin hater John Herrera) is likely the same one that had Chris Mortenson and Jay Glazer looking like idiots last week.

I for one don’t buy the idea that Kiffin is for sure out and Davis is interviewing replacements. I do, however, buy Clayton’s statement that:

    The meetings, according to the source, were to discuss the possibility of replacing Kiffin

In my opinion, it is just as probable that Davis is discussing trying to keep the offensive unit together beyond this season, and making a decision on Kiffin based on whether he can keep Knapp, Cable, Rathman, etc. in the fold beyond next year (all of their contracts are done after this year and there are already rumors that they may leave to rejoin Jim Mora Jr. in Seattle.)

My justification for this idea lies in Kiffin’s press conference today. Even Jerry McDonald (sorry for advertising the competition) noticed that Kiffin was towing the company line a little more today, was being more tactful and less blunt about situations with himself and the coaching staff, placed a lot of the blame for the last two losses on his offense (a huge change from Week 1), etc. See for yourself.

I’ve been critical of Kiffin’s play calling, but I do like the direction he has the team going. Today’s press conference was filled with all the right answers as far as I’m concerned so I’d like to see him stay. Time will tell.