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Oakland Raiders News: Kiffin's Stay In The Fast Lane Is Over

Before last season Al Davis made history by hiring the youngest Head Coach in NFL History. Lane Kiffin was only 31.

Today, Al Davis, the Maverick that he is, made history again by firing the youngest Head Coach in NFL History.

In his 20 game stint, the young wippersnapper managed to win only 5 games and he was clearly outcoached in nearly every game he presided over. Being outcoached was to be expected, but being a whining ungrate was not.

Lane expected to have full control over the entire staff and player management. That was a naive move and his actions surrounding this issue eventually cost him a great job.

Being 5-15 and throwing your owners name out in the paper as an excuse for losing will get just about anybody fired and Lane never stood a chance to keep his job after that last straw was tossed on the camel's back.

Even though in his final two press conferences he seemed to be getting the picture and was acting as IF he really cared about the team AND took responsability for his own mistakes, it was too little, too late.

So, there's the door kid and don't let it hitcha where the god Lord splitcha.

There is no word out of Oakland as to who will be replacing him, YET, but, I do favor either Tom Rathman, Tom Cable or Jim Fassel.

With a bye week to prepare and a healthy Cooper Carlisle and Justin Fargas returning I expect the new Coach to RUN the BALL!!!