This community has me pumped lately.

I arrived at this particular blog early last season. It was dead to the world. Pretty much saint and maybe two or three others would participate on a weekly basis, and it was really kind of a bummer.

Fast forward to a year later, and we've gotten such a deep community of independent thinkers, that even Bronco fans come around and put in their two sense to gauge where the respectable members of the Raiders community and their heads are at.

I like this. I like the fans of heated rivals coming in here, and being treated with enough respect to want to come back for me. Regardless of who they root for, the ones that stay, and respect us enough to not to overstate the obvious (that we are a trashy franchise that won't get any traction in this league until Al Davis dies) are not only welcome, but now encouraged by me to post here. It's honestly fun coming on here and discussing football with the fans of other teams, and I for one am proud that our community is (even if begrudgingly) welcoming them with a sort of open arms.


Good on ya, Raiders fans.


And welcome to the communtity, the fans of other teams.