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Oakland Raiders News: The Game is SOLD OUT in Oakland...But Not in Charger Territory!!!

Accoding to Amy Trask, through Jerry McDonald, the Monday NIght game is a sell-out.


Meanwhile, the San Diego Chargers, division winners in each of the last two years, had to request a 24-hour deadline in attempt to sell enough tickets to declare a sellout for a Sunday game.


Wow!!! The Chargers have not sold out their opening game? I think that we have a leader for worst fans in football.

Then again, it looks like the writing is on the wall for the San Diego football team as their lease is up at season's end and theymay be heading North a bit to play in LA.


The Chargers are gearing up for a new season that could – but probably won't – be their last at Qualcomm Stadium.

After it ends, the team will be eligible to pack up its footballs, uniforms and cleats and move to a city that is willing to provide them with a new stadium. All they have to do is give the city written notice, then fork over a termination fee of $56.2 million.


“The Chargers hope to still be working on options here in San Diego County during the spring of 2009 – particularly in Chula Vista,” Fabiani said. “Having said that, we have been at this for more than six years now, and my prediction is that we are much closer to the end of the process than we are to the beginning.”

That means the team is committed to playing at Qualcomm Stadium this season, but is offering no guarantees beyond that.

“As for what happens after the spring of 2009, I am not a fortune teller,” Fabiani said. “But my own personal view is that we will need to have demonstrated some significant progress in San Diego County by that time.”


I know that there are hundreds of thousands of Raider fans in LA and I'm not so sure how well they would gravitate to the Chargers, that would be like the Broncos moving to Oakland!?!?!

Oh well, as long as it's NOT the Raiders who go down there, I'd be fine with it.