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Oakland Raiders News: Tonight Will Be a Battle For 1st Place!

Raider fans could not ask for more than what has shaped up to be a battle for the early LONE top spot in the AFC West.

With the Chargers and Chiefs BOTH losing this weekend, whoever wins tonight...The Raiders...Cough...Cough...will be alone atop the AFCW standings.

Week two takes the Raiders into Arrowhead (The Chiefs are a better team with Huard than with Croyle) and sends the Chargers into Denver. If the Raiders can start off 2-0, that will leave the Chiefs and either the Chargers or Broncos at 0-2.

The Cards could not have been dealt better for the Silver and Black and now they have to go out there tonight and TCB. (Take Care of Business)

Allof the talk and hype ends and the playing begins once the placekicker raises his hand and then lowers it as he approaches the ball.

I cannot wait to walk through the tunnel cheering "Raiders" at the top of my lungs!!!