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Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos: The Matchups

If you were to believe what is being said on Mile High Report, you'd think that the Raiders have no chance tonight.

Those of us who know this team know where our strengths lie.

QB - Advantage Denver - Denver has the advantage because Jay Cutler is a very good quarterback and he has a track record. His strength is his ability to improvise or be a pocket passer. He is a worthy foe and if he goes off tonight, it will be quite a challenge. The good news is that our strength is our pass defense, so their biggest advantage is facing our biggest strength. If we stop the run, then I expect at least 2 picks from the secondary.

RB - Advantage Oakland - This one isn't even close. Selvin Young headlines a bunch of middle talent and the Raiders will be unleashing McFadden AND Bush in the same game. That says nothing about the back who ran all over them last year, Justin Fargas. This is our biggest advantage and IF their run d needs the help of the safeties and linebakcers, that will open up the game for JaMarcus.

WR - Draw - In their primes, you'd have to give the nod to Lellie and Walker, but we really don't know how effective those two will be. Without B-Marsh, the Broncos are an average lot that will be looking at a rookie, Eddie Royal, to be THE playmaker.

OL - Advantage Denver - They are a more proven lot, although I will argue that the Raiders may have a better run blocking line, and I cannot rank the Raider O-Line high at all until they've done something in the pass protection world.

DL - Advantage Raiders - Burgess is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and I expect Kalimba Edwards and Trevor Scott to add some serious pressure on the corners while Sands, Richardson, Kelly and Warren stuff the middle.

LB - Advantage Raiders - I love DJ Williams (Local Product) and think the world of that kid, BUT, Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard are tow of the best LB's in the League and WERE the ONLY strength on this team last year not named Scrabble. (Nnamdi)

DB - Advantage Raiders - This is THE strength of our team on defense. While the Corners are even, the HUGE advantage that we have is our safeties and nickle back. Routt, Huff and Wilson are three tough hombres who make our defensive backfield the BEST in the NFL.

ST - Advantage Raiders - The only question is how healthy our kickers are. Lechler is a Pro Bowler and Jano is a top 10 kicker in this League. Johnnie Lee can take it to the house on any play and will be fun to watch, when he doesn't fumble!!!


Prediction: Raiders 31 Denver 28, This game looks like it will come down to the wire. I fully expect to be clinging to my buddy and NOT even looking in the final seconds!!!

The season is here, NOW LET'S BRING IT!!!