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Oakland Raiders News: The Pain...The Horror...Opening Night DUD!!!

I am still trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head after that dismal pounding that the Raiders took last night.

I started out yelling at Kiffin for not throwing the red flag and ended up drowning in my extra large $12 Corona as Shanahan fist bumped Eddie Royal.

There are many things to whine and cry about (Refs, Play Calling, Defense), but, first I must congratulate the Denver Broncos. They look to be the team that I thought they would be last year, only better.

Jay Cutler and Eddie Royal are on the same page and the fact that we traded our second rounder for DeAngelo really stung because Deshaun Jackson, Dexter Jackson and Eddie Royal are the wide-outs I really wanted.

Here are my concerns:



Rob Ryan said to blame him IF the defense failed on Monday night. Well, Rob, by your logic, it is all YOUR FAULT. :) Not really, but, the defense as a whole got an F in their 2008 debut. (More on that later)

Lane Kiffin looked like an uninterested and outclassed kid. His play calling was TERRIBLE. He was still trying to run the ball when the team was down 27-0 at the end of the third quarter. I really find that inexcusable.

Michael Bush didn't touch the ball, even when we had first and goal inside the 10, and McFadden had only 10 touches.

He seems to be coaching on an island and nobody is within 5 yards of him on the sideline.

The mantra that was flowing from my lips as I left yesterday was, "Fire Kiffin". I am not sure that I feel differently today, but, I also believe that this kid has an immense amount of talent and that we are in this boat together, for better or worse.


The refs were as bad as ever last night. From the terrible spot on Fargas's run to the mystery/across the field flag and the blatant dismissal of the defensive holding against Denver on Zach Miller.

For those of you that were watching on TV, was J-Russ's arm going forward when he fumbled? Did that completion on 3rd and 10 when the score was 0-0 bounce on the dirt first? Should Fargas have gotten a first down on his third down dive?


The defense as a unit needs to wear this loss. Whether it was the inabaility of Hall to cover Eddie Royal or the lack of pressure on Cutler the entire team had a HUGE letdown defensively.