Raiders Head Coach Standstill Defined: Cable’s father passes away

From Jerry McDonald's Blog:

Tom Cable has more on his mind than the expiration of his contract and his chances at becoming the head coach of the Raiders.

Last Thursday, the day after a four-hour interview with Al Davis to discuss the job, Cable’s father, Thomas Lee Cable Sr., died in Everett, Washington.

Tom Sr. was 68 years old and had been in failing health.

Had a chance to talk with Tom Sr. on Sept. 30, a couple of hours before the press conference that announced the firing of Lane Kiffin and Cable’s ascension to interim head coach.

While he never let on that he knew his son was getting the job, Tom Sr. said with pride that Tom Jr. was no stranger to hard work, having grown up on a farm, and that it was apparent from an early age that he had an affinity for coaching.

Tom Sr. is survived by his wife Shirley, son Tom Jr., daughter Tammy, three grandchildren and three brothers.

A memorial service will be held Wednesday in Washington.

First of all, condolences and best regards to Tom Cable and his family for their loss.

This is likely the reason for the delay in announcing Tom Cable as the head coach. With Lofton being fired, Sanjay Lal being hired to replace Lofton as receivers coach and Lionel Washington hired as DB coach, explains the activity of hiring and interviewing assistant coaches prior to the announcing of the head coach.

It still could be possible that these interviews are indeed for a head coach, but I'm of the opinion that the assembling of this coaching staff is what Al and Cable want. Even with the Raiders A-typical way of doing things, it would seem unlikely that they would hire several assistants before a head coach is able to assemble his own staff, unless that head coach is already Cable.

With that in mind, the most important thing now is to bring in a high quality offensive coordinator, quarterback coach and defensive coordinator. I love the idea of snatching up any offensive assistants from Shanahan's former staff, such as Jeremy Bates. With their prolific offense and the way Cutler progressed, the Raiders could do a lot worse. At any rate, this picture is going to start clearing up in the next few days.