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Oakland Raiders News: John Gruden & Bruce Allen Are Fired In Tampa

Vengence is MINE sayeth the Dark Sith Lord Raider (Al Davis).

After spiraling downward after trading Gruden to the Bucs and then getting whipped by him in the Super Bowl, Al Davis finally has his revenge.

Not only did his team, led by "interim" Coach Tom Cable end Gruden's season with a surprising road win in the season finale. They actually ended his tenure, (Or in Rickey-ish "seven year") as Head Coach of the Bucs.

Gruden's final record was 57-55 with a team, many say it was actually Tony Dungee's team, that he took to the Super Bowl and won with.

Many would say that is a decent record, but, in reality it was an underachieving record and I am sure that losing to a 4-11 team on the final day of the season ended his fate.

As for Bruce Allen, he joined Gruden in smugly and very tongue in cheekishly giving raspberries and tossing barbs at their one time employer, and it is looking like Al Davis is having his best off-seaon in years!!!!

Gruden - Fired

Allen - Fired

Rat-a-han - Fired

Chris Mortenson - Found to be a "Liar"

Now if someone could just get Lombardi excused from the NFL Network all of his voo-doo work will be complete.