Bud Light's Ideal Draft w/ Al's projected picks

With 3 months till the draft and free agency yet to begin I am going to go with my picks I would like to see the Raiders make. I know a lot of people want us to sign big name FA's but remember we had the highest payroll in the NFL last year so I doubt we have the cap room to do that.

1. Eugene Monroe - LT -Virginia. Gives JMarc and the running backs an athletic LT to anchor the line for years to come.

2. Michael Johnson - DE - Georgia Tech. Freak athlete who can get after the QB.

3. Darry Beckwith - ILB - LSU. Great tackler who excels against the run

4. Ramses Barden - WR - Cal Poly. 6'6" WR who can run a little to give JMarc another red zone weapon

5. No Pick

6. Sammie Lee Hill - DL - Hillman. Space eater to give additional depth.

7. Jeff Byers - OG - USC - Once top rated Lineman been hurt by injuries to add depth to line

As you can see no "sexy" picks just some hogs to shore up the lines and stop the run. I for one think WR's take 2-3 yrs to start to produce in the NFL. As JLH has progressed he has show his speed and play making ability. I also like the progression of Chaz. I think we have playmakers in the making and don't need to overdraft when the team has so many other needs. Plus an OC who can get McFadden in space will give JMarc another weapon.

Now to what I think Al will do"

1. Brain Orakpo - DE - Texas. Will be the "freak" at the combine and Al loves athletes. I would not be to dummed out to land a stud DE though. Plus I think  both Monroe and Smith will be gone by #7.

2. Darrius Heyward-Bey - WR - Maryland. College track guy who can fly. Al loves his track stars.

3. Jamon Meredith - OT - South Carolina. Adding to O Line to help JMarc

4. Dominigue Johnson - CB - Jackson St. Another speedster CB to add to the mix

5. No Pick

6. Jonathan Casillas - LB - Wisconsin. Again speed LB to add depth and ST

7. Eric Vanden Heuvel - OT - Wisconsin. More line help.


Again nothing shocking knowing Al's love for speed.


Between the two drafts which do you see as more likely or who would you suggest?