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Five Names To Think About: Oakland Raiders 2009 Draft

As the draft approaches there will be MANY names tossed around as possible first round selections by the Oakland Raiders.

At this point, one thing is clear to me, Al Davis wants to restock his offensive and defensive lines. At least is why he said that he released DeAngelo Hall. He wants money to keep Nnamdi and restock his lines.

If this is to be believed, then we can forget about anyone NOT named Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith, Brian Orakpo and Andre Smith. At least for now.

It is also quite possible that the team can name Mario Henderson their starting LT and then go out and get a RT in Free Agency, which would allow the team to focus on adding the best receiver Crabtree, although most mocks have him going to the Seahawks) or MLB available (Laurinaitis or Maualuga). But, until that happens, let's focus on these five for now.

I'll do a write-up on each over the next week and as last year, I am pretty sure that we will be one of the most educated fan bases by the time the draft rolls around this year.