Is Bacon banned?

If not, step up to the plate and get rid of this kid. He is offering nothing constructive whatsoever, and I'm sick of reading his negative bullcrap.

Trolls are going to be trolls, guys. Period. We get trolled by every other team in the league consistantly. We still, despite what the Cincy Bengals have done over the least 3 or 4 years, have the reputation of being thugs and criminals. This won't change for the forseeable future, so we need to do our best to embrace what is, and change our reputation for the future.

It's near impossible to do so when we have a douchebag poking and prodding us for no other reason but to get under our skin. He almost always gets a response (and never merits one), and I'm sick of it.  Let's get rid of this tool, and take a harsher stance on stupidass trolls around here. The community will flourish for it.