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Oakland Raiders News: Will The Value of Running Backs Be Inflated at Draft Time?

In looking at this year's running back class, it is quite apparent that there is nowhere near the stable of backs that dominated the 2008 draft and then went on to great years in the NFL.

Outside of "Beenie" Wells, there just aren't many backs out there, that are currently slated to be impact backs in the NFL.

There are Shonn Green from Iowa, Javon Ringer from Michigan State and Knowshon Moreno from Georgia, but do either of these even project to be as good as Michael Bush? AND THAT is the point that I want to discuss.

With the Raiders having three running backs, does it make sense to trade Michael Bush or Justin Fargas in order to improve another area, IF a top tier talent is available?

In my opinion, you would need a late first or second for Bush and a second or third for Fargas.

And just think that the Raiders were "supposedly" shopping Bush for a 4th or 5th Rounder this season.