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My 2009 NFL Draft Wish List Is Growing: Alex Mack - C - Cal

I wish for the Raiders to add Alex Mack out of Cal in the 2nd Round.

I know that many on this board love Jake Grove, and I think that he is a great back-up, BUT, Alex Mack has all of the tools to be our Center for 10-15 years and Center has ALWAYS been the core of our offensive line.

From Otto to Mosebar to Robbins, they were the signal callers for prolific offenses and I just don't see Jake Grove as being in the same class.

If the Raiders can land Oher, Smith or Monroe in the First and Mack in the Second Round then the draft will already be a success. The line will be solidified and we will be ready to roll in 2009 as a rushing team that protects the Quarterback.

Mack is projected to go anywhere from the late first to the mid second, so he should be on our Raider Radar.

Here is another profile of Alex Mack.

And HERE is his online diary for the Sporting News Today.