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Oakland Raiders News: The Raider Coaching Carousel Continues: Rob Ryan OUT, Tom Cable IN?

Amid the ever changing landscape which is the Oakland Raider's Coaching staff, there seem to be be only two constants. Tom Cable was interviewed to keep his position and James Lofton is the only coach on the entire staff that is still under contract for 2009.

It apears that Rob Ryan will be joining his buddy from the Patriots, Eric Mangini, in Cleveland and Tom Rathman has already signed on to reunite with the Forty Niners as their Running Backs Coach, a position that he held for 10 years prior to joining the Lions and Raiders for the past 5 seasons.

Lane Kiffin's entire staff looks to be leaving to either join him or other old acquaintances, including Greg "Gwen" Knapp, joining Jim Mora Jr. in Seattle and the assistant head coach whose name escapes me rejoining the USC staff.

The two assistants that I want to ensure the Raiders hold onto are Keith Millard, who may be a candidate for Defensive Coordinator, and Brian Schneider who worked wonders on Special Teams last season.

I am hoping that Al finds his GM and allows them to reassemble and rebuild this staff the way they want it. If he hires a Head Coach first, that would make the job less attractive to most GM candidates.

Jim Fassel is interviewing with the Rams today, so the Coach with the most experience that we were hoping for may soon be off the board as Al continues to drag his feet.

All I know is that he had better have a WHOPPER of a plan if he intends to avoid the mess that he created by dragging out the last Head Coach hiring and leaving him with scraps to fill in his Coaching ranks.