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Know Your Community: Silver and Black Pride

Inspired by a comment I made with mikesd in my previous article that stated how it seems like a few of us regulars really know each other really well, I've decided to post a thread for us to get to know each other a little better on here.


For me, Silver and Black Pride has really had a community feel to it. A group of tight-knit fans. But we've really had a surge in membership on here and a lot of new usernames and default pics have been showing up in comments these days.


So to help us learn more about you new guys, or just for us S&BP vets to better learn about each other, type a summary of who you are, where you're from, your favorite thing about being a fan, a bio if you will.


Read on to learn a little bit about me to help you get your bio organized.




Yeah, I'm so epic that I wear a mask


Name: Walker

Age: 14, 15 in a month and 10 days

Location: West Virginia

Occupation: High School Student by day, Silver and Black Pride author and sportswriter by night

My best feature: My full beard at age 14, knowledge of sports, and writing skills

My worst feature: That I'm so awesome that everyone feels like a lesser being in my presence

Music Interests: Metal and old-school hip-hop. List of top-30 bands will be listed further below

Relationship Status: Single for the moment.

Race: White. I'm mainly German and Swedish, but my great great aunt was pure-blooded Cherokee so I do have a lot of Native American in me. Though I can't tan worth a damn. lol

Favorite Movies: V for Vendetta (from the picture and signature), Shawshank Redemption, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Gran Torino, Dawn of the Dead, Clerks II, We Were Soldiers, Transformers (original cartoon movie)

Favorite TV Shows: Plain and simple, Scrubs. Scrubs is the greatest show on the face of the Earth.



Dr. Cox, the most awesome character on any show or movie ever


Favorite Player on the Raiders: Zach Miller.

Favorite Teams from Other Sports:

  • NBA: San Antonio Spurs
  • MLB: Oakland Athletics/Cleveland Indians
  • NHL: San Jose Sharks
  • NCAA: Notre Dame Fighting Irish/West Virginia Mountaineers

Greatest Moment on S&BP: Being made an official author on the site. My dream is to be a professional sports writer, hopefully for ESPN. Being made an author on here really made me feel like a true professional.


Now then, on to my list of top-30 bands. Music is above all else in my life, even above sports, family, and friends. Music keeps me sane and happy. Music to me makes life worth living. And here's the top-30 bands that make me feel this way more than any other. Listed in order of fave to least fave amongst my top-30 favorites. So being 30 is still a great band for me.


Top-30 bands

1. Iron Maiden

2. Dimmu Borgir

3. KRS-One

4. Atmosphere

5. Motorhead

6. Run-DMC

7. Lamb of God

8. Reign of Ash

9. Dio

10. Cradle of Filth

11. Kataklysm

12. Pantera

13. Gojira

14. Megadeth

15. Slayer

16. Helmet

17. Motley Crue

18. Van Halen

19. Job for a Cowboy

20. Judas Priest

21. Misfits

22. Mastodon

23. Tool

24. Enslaved

25. Metallica

26. Nas

27. Amon Amarth

28. Cool Kids

29. Mad Lion

30. Colin Hay




Hope to get plenty of responses from my fellow bloggers.