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Oakland Raiders Football:Pre-Game Thread Week 5

Oakland at NY Giants

Regular Season Week 5

Oakland Raiders at New York Giants

Where: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

When: 10:00 a.m. PDT

2009 Records:Raiders (1-3), Texans (4-0)

Head Coaches:Tom Cable (Raiders) and Tom Coughlin (Giants)

Raiders Radio: Listen live on KSFO 560 AM

Television: CBS; Channel: 5; Channel: 13

Line: Giants by 16 points

Raider vs Giants Preview here.

The Raiders lead in the all-time record versus the Giants at 7-3, but that may well be the only lead that the Raiders will have today as their head-to-head record will mean little in New Jersey.

The Raiders could have had a little break today if Eli Manning was going to sit, but all indications are that he is going to play. The Raiders defense has played well for the most part this season and as bad as the game was last week against Houston, the Raider defense played hard and never quit. If the Raiders are going to have a chance today to compete, let alone win, the defense is going to have play aggressive, take some chances, then create and convert turnovers.

The real problem is the other side of the ball where the Raider offense will have to face that stout Giants defense. Adding to that problem, is the fact that the Raiders again will be readjusting their offensive line for the 2nd straight week with Chris Morris moving to left guard, Satele starting at center and Erik Pears getting the start at right tackle. That's 3/5ths of your line changing over on the road in a noisy stadium against an overpowering defensive line. The Giants defense are allowing a league-low 232.2 yards per game with a #1 ranked passing defense that is only allowing 115 yard per game. Ouch, talk about a strength-to-weakness gap!

Knowing that, the Raiders will have to COMMIT to running the ball consistently. I would rather have a few 3 and outs of three straight runs of gaining 8 yards and having to punt on 4th and 2, then letting Russell pass against that defense and chancing a sack, fumble, penalty or punting on 4th and 18. The Giants have some vulnerability against the run, so the Raiders should run, run and run with Russell passing no more than 15 passing attempts. Run, let you All-Pro punter and special teams make some plays and hope the defense can score some points. If the game can somehow be a kicking game then the Polish Canon could be the difference. I know it, you all know it, the whole world knows that the Raiders should not be passing in this game against the Giants. The real question is, does Tom Cable know it?

Let's go Raiders, show the Nation that you can compete with the Giants and shock the world!!