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Silver and Black Pride's Post Game Community Poll: The Bloodletting

Everything has been pretty much said on this blog already regarding yesterday's Raiders massacre at the hands of the Giants. So how about just a quick poll of what you think will be the storyline with this team by the time their bye week rolls around.

The Raiders are currently in the midst of the most grueling part of their schedule, and if it can be imagined, they are faring worse than expected. I have a hard time believing that if the Raiders go into their bye week at 1-7 that it will be calm and business as usual. Something's gotta give, either the players stand up and account for themselves, become resilient and get it together, or there will be an implosion wrought with a media and fandom meltdown.

Let it out Nation! What do think is going to be the Raiders storyline(s) come their bye week?