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Oakland Raiders Football:Pre-Game Thread Week 6

Philadelphia at Oakland

Regular Season Week 6

Philadelphia Eagles at Oakland Raiders

Where: Oakland Coliseum

When: 1:05 p.m. PDT

2009 Records: Eagles (3-1), Raiders (1-4)

History: The Philadelphia Eagles lead the all time series 5-4.

Head Coaches: Andy Reid (Eagles) and Tom Cable (Raiders)

Raiders Radio: Listen live on KSFO 560 AM

Television: Fox; Blacked out locally

Line: Eagles by 14 points

SB Nation Eagles vs Raiders Preview here.


If the Raiders are the laughingstock of the NFL, then the Raiders offense is the joke at the center of the laughing. If being called out in public by your opponent (Antonio Pierce, NY Giants) isn't enough to motivate you for the next week to take personal responsibility and pride for your profession, then this team should be suspended from playing any further games this season and just be used as a traveling scrimmage team for the rest of the NFL.The Raiders offensive line are going to have to play by far their best game of the season to deal with the Eagles' blitzing on practically down The offensive line is once again patchwork, so Tom Cable is going to have to finally find ways to neutralize the blitz by running some screens, draws and in general open the holes for the running game. Most importantly, Russell needs to have a modicum of pocket awareness to avoid turning over the ball in the face of the heavy blitz. Gary Russell will be making his first start at fullback, so pass protection will be interesting to say the least.

Both Tom Cable and Russell claim to have the blitz well planned for, with Cable saying the Raiders have to execute. The Raiders offense have been unable to execute anything on offense since the first game, so it remains to be seen if they can execute against this defense.


The Raiders defense has been inconsistent at best all season. They'll have a lot to deal with today with McNabb, Westbrook, wide receiver DeSean Jackson and tight end Brent Celek. Now add to that offense, Jeremy Maclin, who the Raiders passed over in the draft for DHB, had his breakout game last week, finishing with six catches for two touchdowns and 142 yards. The Eagles strength is their passing game and the Raiders are much stronger on pass defense than they are against the run. It will be a case of strength against strength.

The Raiders will have to be disciplined in their defense as McNabb has a talent for scrambling out of the pocket and making things happen with throws downfield. This works against the Raiders as they have a poor habit of over-pursuit and are slow to making adjustments.

What to look for: At this point, all I am looking for is a honest effort from this team and for them to show the Nation that they give a damn. After the recent weeks of pure humiliation, this team needs to show that Pride and Poise is still somewhere in their DNA and give the fans a reason to believe.

What are your thoughts Nation? What are some of the things you are looking for in today's game?