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P-E-T-S, PETS PETS PETS!!! Oakland Raider Pre-Game Thread:

Cue Jane's Addiction:

They make great PETS, they make great PETS, THEY M-A-K-E GREAT PETS!!!


It's a good thing that I am not drinking today, because I can just see myself leaving the Coliseum acting like a 225 pound Perry Ferrell and singing that song until I lose my voice!!!

Today IS the Day Oakland!!! I've been saying that all season and truly, once again, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

Today is the day to see if Richard Seymour is right, 4-4 going into the break would open some eyes in the League, and the Raiders need to TAKE CARE OF THEIR PETS today in order to have a chance at that.

The Raiders will need to stop the run in order to be effective and I am praying that Chaz will be able to go today: (Can someone please post the 45 man active rosters for today ASAP)

The Jets come in with a running game that is second in the NFL in Yards per game, with 163, and third in yards per attempt, with a gaudy 4.9 average.

I wonder if we will be run blitzing and if Mike Mitchell will be the choice at nickel?

I do expect much less of a passing blitz, unless it's third and 10 or more. And even then you have to keep someone, Branch in the middle to protect against the draw, and also someone home on the outsides to protect against the screens.

Both of these teams need a win BADLY today, so this one will be UGLY from the get-go.


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