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Oakland Raider Scoring Offense and Red Zone-Less Performance:

By now you know that Comcast Red Zone sponsors this article every week:

What you may not know is that the 2nd to last place in scoring team, Tampa Bay, is scoring 30% more points than the last place Oakland Raiders!

Here is another alarming stat: The San Diego Chargers, our Week 8 Opponent, have scored 56 Touchdowns while JaMarcus and his Merry Men have scored 12. This is over 4.5 times as many Touchdowns!!!

That is despicable and Tom Cable needs to hold himself culpable for this. He calls the plays that DON'T Score, so he wears the blame.

As far as the Red Zone scoring goes, the Raiders had their Red Zone trips last week, ahem, I mean TRIP, stopped as First Round Disappointment let a ball go threw his hands for a sure TD. Did I mention that this came with the game over and the Jets already booking their post flight dates!

Once again, this is inexcusable! Tom Cable abandons the run MUCH too soon and panics. He should know that this is a running team and he needs to run it like that. That is unless being Offensive Line Coach, Offensive Play Caller and Head Coach is too much for him!

The bottom line in this League is results, and Tom has shown Bed and Breakfast like results!


Quick Note to Tom Cable:

Sorry Tommy, I had to go there. The job you've done warrants it.

Now, get Javon Walker in the game and run the ball 2-1 this week. That is, twice as many times as you throw it. Do not abandon this and see what your defense can do, and allow JaMarcus to take his shots deep the few times a game that the defense sags and he reads it.

This entire Community thought that this was a running team for the past two years, and we hope that you begin to see this Too!