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Catching Up With The Raiders: Raider History Revealed

When I thought of the questions that I posed in Yesterday's Segment, Oakland Raider Trivia, I was struggling to think of question that were pertinent and gave me hope. I didn't know the answers to 4 of the questions, but I wanted to know, and tonight I will know.

Here are the answers:

1) Which team loaned the Raiders 400k in order to continue playing football? What was the owner's name?

That team was the Buffalo Bills. Ralph Wilson was the means to this end. Without Upstate New York, there would be NO Oakland Raiders. And to think that without without Marshawn Lynch and Langston Walker there would be NO...Well...On Second Thought...Nevermind!

2) What is the Current Value of the team?

In 2008, the Oakland Raiders were valued at $861 Million Dollars. In 2009, their value has fallen to $797 Million. That is not bad, especially considering that the team was bought for 180k by Al Davis in 1966!

3) Who is the Raider Fanchise Leader in Tackles? Sacks?

This question is more of an "Opinion Section". Tackles were not counted as an official stat in the NFL until 2001, so Tatum is my choice..Followed by Stuart Schweigert.

As for the sacks, they weren't official until 1982, there is no way to say who the Raider leader really is. I mean how many times did our defensive line, linebackers or defensive backs get the opposing QB behind the line of scrimmage before there was a stat for it?

I'd have to say Sean Jones, but I am probably WAY off.

4) Who played the most seasons in an Oakland Raider Uniform?

Jim Otto played in the silver and black for 15 years. From 1960-1974, he was the backbone of the team, and to this day is Mr. Raider. I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Otto, and he is class...pure class.

5) How many Raiders have won the NFL MVP while playing for the organization? Names?

The answer is 3, and, none of them repeated.

Kenny Stabler was the first Silver and Black MVP in 1974.

Marcus Allen stepped up in LA 11 Sseasons later, in 1985 and won the MVP.

Rich Gannon picked up the hardware in 2002.

So, there is some history, I feel much better now. Just being able to throw around the names of past and bask in past glory makes me proud to be a Raider fan and it is good to have this new knowledge.