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Oakland Raiders Game Thread: 11-15-09: This Time, Just Get The Three Points Tom!

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I am not sure if there is a Raider fan on the planet that can forget the "Pitch to the Polish Sausage" on 4th and forever that doomed the Raider's chances of beating the Chiefs in Oakland last season. I could not stop saying, "What the (Insert Expletive)!", over and over when I left that game. It may be the worst call in sports history. Not the BIGGEST worst call, Like Barry Switzer going for it on 4th Down and killing the Cowboys, but just straight up play calling Tom-Foolery that ended in disaster.

Like Raider Way has pointed out, there will be NO excuses this week. NONE!

Chaz, McFadden, Green and GALLERY will be back, so the INJURY excuse will be GONE!!!

We are playing a Division Rival, so the intensity should be there.

We have had two weeks to game plan for them.

My keys to this game will be the health of the four players that I just mentioned and the ability fo our defense to force turnovers. We will need to win the turnover battel in order to win this game. Period!!!

This is the first home game I'm missing as the family and I are in Disneyland, and man do I miss Chewbacca's grilling and all of the Tom-Foolery in the parking lot, but, this really is the happiest place on Earth, even in a Depression. So, if any of you make it to the Fox Sports Bar and Grill in the Disney Village, that is where I'll be.



Let's Open up a CAN of Whompum!! On these Fake Chiefs!!!

The Season starts TODAY!!!!