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Al Davis' Day of Reckoning Has Come:

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On a day when the Oakland Raiders were begining to show the signs of their earlier heritage, the thing that stood out the most was a wide receiver, drafted number 7 over-all, who was selected over numerous more talented AND proven guys by an old man who has lost his mind.

There have been signs all around us, but, when Heyward-Bey let that last pass bounce off of his chest and into the Chief's arms it became clear to me that Al Davis', losing his mind, has really cost this team too much this time.

Instead of keeping the second rounder last year, it was shipped off to Atlanta for 'Angelo Hall. The one who left the "D" somewhere between Atlanta and Oakland.

Wouldn't you just know that DeSean Jackson was available when that pick was made and the Falcons ended up getting a bookend O-Lineman, Sam Baker.

What did the Raiders get? 8 Million dollars of NOTHING but Burnt Toast that smelled like the "Scrip Club" while the Falcons and Eagles have "Landed", pardon the pun, Huge pieces to their franchises.

Then, this season the Raiders drafted the laughing stock rookie wide-out of All-Time, and that was before he'd even attempted to catch a pass in the OTA's...He's gotten worse.

I mean, before the season started, you still had hope that MAYBE the Old Man had outfoxed the entire League by finding the next Cliff Branch and Jack Tatum. Perhaps the old man had one more one finger salute for the "Liars" and was two fisting the "Professional Liars"!

Now, all we see is a franchise being run into the ground with the same gusto with which it became a symbol of the NFL.

When you get the chance to draft the Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Macklin or Percy Harvin's of the World, you do not take a project with hands of stone. You just don't. THEN, when you realize he can't catch, at the very least, you let a veteran, like ummm, I don't know...Javon Walker maybe!?!?...step in until the kid calms down a bit.

That is unless you just really DON'T see it. And at this point, I don't think that Mr. Davis does see reality any more. I bet, after hearing him speak, that he is still wondering WHY Cliff Branch missed that last pass.

I have often wrote, "Today is the DAY", before Raider games, and for me, yesterday was the day that I lost faith in AL's ability to run things. I'd questioned it, and have been in doubt about it for a while. Now I KNOW, it is time to get someone in here to run things. It has to be someone that Al trusts and it has to be soon, otherwise his great legacy will be forever tarnished.

Yesterday was a day of reckoning for you Mr. Davis. You have either lost your touch or have lost touch with reality. You choose.