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Oakland Raider's Weekly Red Zone Performance:

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Once again the Oakland Raider Red Zone perfomance was anaemic, to say the least.

After starting the game with THE DRIVE we had been waiting for all year, a 60 yard burst by Michael Bush (Who, inexpli-CABLE-y, only saw the pigskin 15 more times), then a short burst by Fargas and the team was up 7-0.

Unfortunately, that would be the ONLY time that the offense led the team to the Red Zone.

Despite beginning drives from the Kansas City 37 and Oakland's 37 43 and 49, the team would only manage 3 more points.

For a team that has Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and Justin Fargas and averaged 6.1 yards a carry, there is NO excuse for throwing the ball 32 times to receivers who can't catch (Miller only had one catch) from QB's with terrible completion percentages.

One trip to the Red Zone and 10 total points for the game against Kansas City!?!?!

Cable needs to delegate the play calling immediately.

The Defense is doing entirely too much for this clown to be costing us games. That's right Tom, you are a clown of a play caller. Truly. I know you may want to punch me for saying this, but, just look at the facts man, you are a TERRIBLE play caller. Period.

As my old boss used to say, "Fix it".

This post was brought to you by Comcast Red Zone