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Catching Up With The Recent Non-Draft Picks of the Oakland Raiders: 2009 First Two Rounds

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It is no secret that my favorite time of the year, for the past four seasons has been the build-up to the draft. It is also no secret that I lost my mind last season when the Raiders took Darius Heyward-Bey and Mike Mitchell in the first two rounds and passed on many talented players in doing so.

So, this morning I took a look through some of the old threads where we discussed names that the Raiders should take to fill their various holes and here is what I found.

I wanted Crabtree in the first, if he was available, and his health report checked out. If not, then I wanted to wait to the second round to grab a receiver and my mind was set on Ohio State's Brian Robiskie.


Raider K agreed and thought that we should grab Raji in the first and Robiskie in the second.


I say go D-Line. Not O-line, D-Line. Get big frame,powerful, upcoming B.J. Raji. One of the top players in the draft and would fill a huge need.


To which I replied:

In a perfect World we’d draft a run stuffing DL in the first, Robiskie in the 2nd, Luigs or Wood in the 3rd, Safety in the 4th, Brinkley in the 6th and the BPA in the 7th.

And, of course, LiveAdam through in his two cents:

The real question is, if both Mack/Unger/Wood and Robiskie are available to the Raiders with their 2nd round pick, who do they chose?


Other names that were thrown around include Jeremy Maclin, Connor Barwin, Clinton Sintim, Rey Maualuga, Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, Clay Mathews Jr. and Brian Cushing.

Well, Raider Nation, here is a look at what "Could Have Been".

Obviously the Raiders had issues with Crabtree, so they passed on him. The board consensus would have been to select B.J. Raji or Eugene Monroe with that pick.

I am curious how the options that we did have are performing:

First Round Options:

B.J .Raji, NT, Green Bay Packers - B.J. has 12 tackles in 7 games, so far, and is working his way into the Defensive Line Rotation in Green Bay. Local fans will get a good look at him this weekend as his team tangles with the 49ers.

With the revolving door at the NT position, Joseph, Seymour, Warren...I am thinking that Raji would have been a good fit here, or at least a better fit than Heyward-Bey.

Eugene Monroe, LT, Jacksonville - The jags were drooling over Monroe and they got their man after the Raiders passed on him. He has had his ups and downs, but, has now become a very good LT for the Jags.

Without a doubt, he would have helped this team out in spades. He would have started as a RT and could move anywhere on the line with all of the injuries that we've sustained.

Jeremy Maclin, Wide Receiver, Philly - There were some around here that wanted him over Crabtree, and he was available, so, let's take a look at how he is doing this season.

In 9 games, he has 31 catches for 413 yards and 4 TDs. This is all as a second choice behind DeSean Jackson, another player that we missed when we traded our 2008 second rounder for De'Angelo Hall.

Whoever said that they wanted Maclin, "This Bud's For You"!!!

2nd Round Options:

With names like Connor Barwin, Ron Brace, Phil Loadholt, Max Unger, and Clint Sintim on the board, the Raiders their pick to the Pats, moved down and selected Mike "Tuck Your Shirt In" Mitchell.

Here is how those players are doing:

Connor Barwin, LB, Texans - Connor is having a difficult time breaking into the Linebacking Corps ins Houston, then again, so would almost anyone. He has 9 tackles and one sack in 9 games.

Ron Brace, DT, New England - Brace has not played in 5 weeks and is burried in New England. He really isn't a great fit for the 3-4 and this pick did surprise me.

Phil Loadholt, OL, Minnesota - Right Tackle ANYONE? Loadholt has been as solid as any NFL rookie, starting every game, and is only getting better. I wish he would have ended up in Oakland!!! Then again, I would have chosen the next guy, Max Unger from my draft chart.

Max Unger, C, Seattle - He has been a dominant RG, who was a dominant Center in College. He would have been a NO-Brainer to make our O-Line better.

Clint Sintim, LB, NYG - Sintim is splitting time with former raider Danny Clark, but is beginning to see more reps and may start for the first time this week.

So far, the Raider have gotten NOTHING from their first two picks, in fact you could make a case that the first rounder has cost us a couple of games!!! So, what do you think Raider Nation?