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Oakland Raiders News: Will The Raiders make The Grade With Gradkowski?

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Raider nation, I cannot tell you how happy I am that J-Partiestoomuch Russell is on the bench. I was becoming LIVID with his lack of caring. He needs to pick himself up by the bootstraps and get himself ready to play NEXT year, the rest of this season should belong to the QBs who have cared all along, Gradkowski and Frye.

Today, the team has a chance to show "Him" how much they care and he doesn't. In fact, this could be a lift to the entire team, although they won't say it to the press, NOBODY likes someone who comes into work late, gets paid top dollar and doesn't work with them in the trenches and doesn't perform, they'd take an ordinary trench digger over the prima-dona any day.

So, Ja-Mumbles is on the bench and we can finally get the 2009 season started!!!

BR---UUUUU----CE!!!! BR---UUUUU---CE!!!!

I will be giving live updates from the parking lot, and then from the game.

Without hesitation, let's get this together RAIDER NATION!!!!


This post is brought to you by "Jack Daniels", my drink of choice today!!! Cheers!!!