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Half Time Report: The Who To Play The Super Bowl Half Time Show in Miami

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That is the best news that I've heard in a little over an hour!

Because the Oakland Raiders looked out-coached and out manned.

The Cowboy System was just too much for the hapless Raiders. Raider Nation, they look worse with Gradkowski. He cannot evade the rush and his throws were late, if at all.

Do we go with Frye in the second half? Probably not, but, man it was tough to watch the backs come out strong from the chute only to have Gradkowski throw up on his shoes.

Miles Austin has already amassed 130 yards on 6 catches and a touchdown.

The Raider's top receiver is Darren McFadden with 2 catches for 20 yards.

Enough Said!

Unless this team is willing to open up the playbook and get a little "Wild" there is no hope for this game. NONE.

Sorry, fans, but this is how I feel.