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As I Look For Hope: I See None: The Oakland Raiders Are Terrible

Tom Cable can say that he is seeing improvement until he is blue in the face, I am NOT buying what he is selling anymore.

He talks about Gradkowski's passes being a foot here or there away from being complations as if that is some great thing. The reality is that his starting quarterback is missing throws at least a foot, when good-great quarterback miss, if at all by inches.

After this last loss he said that the big plays were JUST some players missing their assignments. JUST SOME PLAYERS MISSING THEIR ASSIGNMENTS!?!?! Does Ray Lewis miss assignments? How about Patrick Willis?

I am sick and TIRED of the bar being held so low that a quadrapalegic with hydraulics on his wheelchair could leap it 9 times out of 10!!!

THIS IS THE NFL!!! Either perform or get to the bench!!! PERIOD!!!

Darren McFadden is NOT as bad as his numbers and we all know that Michael Bush is a 1,000 yard back on nearly ANY other team, yet, neither will even sniff their potential in the current Oakland Raider system.

How is it, TOM, that you pass more than you run? Even when you have the lead?

There is NO accountability for Tom Cable's dumb play calls. NONE!!!

Some will argue that teams are stacking the box, or that we need to pass to set up the run. I say, BALLDERDASH!!! What if the Cleveland Browns were scared of an 8 man front so they only gave the ball to Jim Brown 7 times a game!?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

This franchise is completely broken. The mystique is still there, but the winning has left the building!