Message to Al (website petition)

I am the last person to condone passing around a website, petition, or any sort of chain email/tweet/facebook/myspace thing. However, I am also tired of the same disappointing feeling I have after the Raiders lose--which has happened a LOT since 2003.

Can you remember what the early 2000s felt like? Can you remember the anticipation we would have leading up to the season? Can you remember the swagger you had as a Raider fan as you sat at work (or walked the school halls) during the week knowing that the Raiders were likely to win? Can you remember the thrill of victory over our hated rivals--the Chiefs, the Chargers, the Broncos, the Jets, the Steelers? How about the sheer ecstasy hearing Greg Papa yell, "TOUCHDOWN RRRRAAAIDDEEERRRRRSSSSS!!!!" a minimum of 3 times a game? Or how about the chest-puffing pride hearing him excitedly announce "After 19 years... The Silver and Black are BACK!" just before the kickoff of the 2003 Super Bowl?

Can you remember all of this? Because, to be honest, all of this is hazy at best for me. There were times where the Raiders would have more than 10 total TDs in 11 quarters; now the Raiders have 10 offensive TDs in 11 whole games. There were games where Rich Gannon carved up defenses for 350+ yards of passing, now we're lucky to get 350 yards in a month. There was a time when the Raiders had the best record for Monday Night Football games; now, as fans, we dread having the Raiders on primetime because we don't want to be embarrassed in front of the entire nation.

I am tired of seeing MY TEAM get pummeled week in and week out. I am sick of seeing the storied  Silver and Black trampled under the feet of mouthy commentators after another pitiful performance. And I am FED UP with losing. It's time for a change.

It's time for the Raiders to BE the NFL again. It's time for teams and other fans to hate and respect us once again rather than loathe and pity us. It is time for the glory of the Raiders to be the present AND the past, not just dusty trophies in a glass case. We can't wait another NINETEEN YEARS to return to the Super Bowl; so it's time for Al Davis to CHANGE how he operates this storied franchise.

This is why, for the first time in my life, I am passing around a petition for something and signing it myself. If you go to you will be given the opportunity to sign a petition with a number of different demands of Al Davis.

I am doing this only because I believe in the power of the Raider Nation. I know that there are MILLIONS of us out there who are sick and tired of the losing and the humiliation. We are cut to the core that this once proud and storied franchise has been brought low by losing season after losing season. We cannot become the next Browns, Lions or Bungles. It is time for change and I know that you are just as heartbroken by this team as I am. Sign the petition. A mere pebble can start an avalanche. Be the pebble. Start the avalanche that will sweep through Oakland and renew the organization.

I will note that this site also asks you for donations to make a bigger difference. I am not condoning the donation of any money to this site (nor is it my site). All I know is that there are millions of fans who bleed SILVER AND BLACK who can spare 10 seconds to type their name on a petition (or 3 minutes if you want to create a new email account to ensure the safety/spam-free of your current one).


Be the pebble. Start the avalanche. Let's bring change to the Silver and Black.

Here's the link one more time.