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Oakland Raider Quick Hits: He's Baaaack...Randy Hanson Is Back On Board

- That's right, Raider Nation, Randy Hanson has rejoined the team without Tom Cable's knowledge. Yes, the same Randy Hanson that claimed to be punched in the face by The Big Teddy Bear is back in the Alameda Complex.

Hanson will be working in personnel and is sure to cross paths with Tom Cable. Which, by the way, I would love to see. I wonder if Tom  will pull off the old flinch move when he sees him. You know the one where you stick your hand out toward someone who is walking past you and then run your fingers through your hair. If they flinch, why wouldn't Hanson, then you get to give them two shots in the arm for flinching.

On a more serious nate. Why? I know that Al loves this guy, but, why after the biggest win in 7 seasons would you bring in a distraction? We all know that Al hates wasting money, but I don't think that the team needs this right now. Maybe IF he is the film rat that we've heard about, he could have been eased back into the fold in the off-season. Just Not now!

- It looks like losing three of the last four games has gotten to Randy Moss and Derrick Burgess. They showed up late for an 8AM meeting and were sent home by the Patriots. Wow, I never saw that coming, they were BOTH such model citizens around here!

I am so glad that Derrick isn't here anymore. He was a terrible distraction to the young guys. He was a two time Pro-Bowler who wanted more money and wasn't happy with not winning so he sat out "Injured" most of his final two seasons here. Good Riddance!