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Oakland Raiders vs Washington Redskins Game Thread: 12-13-09

If you missed Raiderway's Pregame Thread: Here it is

I am home sick today, Raider Nation, and my stomach is turning. I want to be in the stadium so badly I can taste it.

Today represents a true, "Over the Hump" Day.

The Washington Redskins are as formidable a defense as the Raiders will face this year and Bruce Gradkowski has a chance to cement his place as the Raider's QB while wrapping cement blocks around JaMarcus Russell's "Kankles" and tying him to bench, where he belongs.

Today, this team has the opportunity to win back to back games and also make a statement for the Coach that they love. I don't know if 6 wins will save his job, but I have to believe that a .500 season sure would do the trick. and that means that the Raiders would have to run the table.

Let's DO THIS OAKLAND!!!! I'll be watching an online stream, thanks to Mike.