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Oakland Raider Takes: Did Yesterday's Nightmare Really Happen?

I've just wiped the sleep away from my eyes and logged on to my computer and try as I may to put yesterday's game behind me, I just can't. There is so much that bothers me from yesterday, that I am still seething. Here are some talking points for today, and please feel free to add some of your own:

1) From the highlights I've seen of yesterday's game, I believe that, the fix was in. There is no way that an officiating crew could be THAT bad.

The nightmare that was the 95 yard drive to end the 1st half for Washington was started on a terrible call, a call on Hiram Eugene for hitting the return man early, which he didn't, and then compounded by a very mediocre, at best, special teams coach, Fassel, coming onto the field and getting 15 more yards.

That is truly where the downfall began.

Later in the game, there were even more terrible calls, and I have to believe, once again, that the League doesn't want this team to succeed and that this team does not deal well with adversity.

2) Man, it would have been nice to have drafted Brian Orakpo. He ended the day with 4 sacks against a pretty good LT, Al's Pick, in Mario Henderson. The kid is a beast!!! It looks like Bud Light was right on this one!!! Again!!! He also wanted Calvin Johnson over JaMarcus Russell.

Then again, part of me wonders how whether or not Mario let Brian get by a few times. The players may not be saying it in the media, but you have to believe, to a man, that they did not appreciate JaMarcus's passing the blame onto them.

3) Charlie Fye needs to start against the Broncos. JaMarcus Russell is just a big, fat, mouth-breathing target in the backfield with no idea how to read the defense or his receivers breaks. He has blamed his receivers in the past, yet, Bruce seemed to read their breaks and the defense much better than him and they instantly became play makers.

I also believe that we have a better chance of not getting our receivers killed if someone NOT named JaMarcus Russell is under Center. He hangs them out to dry on nearly every pass over the middle.

Time to get the kids off to school! Some of us work for a living around here, JaMarcus.

Go Raiders!!!!