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Oakland Raider Rumors: Jon Gruden To Receive 5% Of The Team And Take Over For Davis

Let me stress the fact that this is ONLY a rumor, but I am writing it, so that we can discuss it.

On the face of things it looks like a great idea. Think about it. Al Davis needs someone to take over the team that he trusts and that he has respect for. You have to believe that Jon won his respect when he wooped the Raiders in the Super Bowl and then watched his team go into a terrible downward spiral without "Chucky".

Al Davis also said, last year, that he was going to bring in a football person who would surprise everyone. Other than one of the Mikes, Lombardi or Shanahan, who would shock recent fans more than the one who got away.

This may be just a pipe dream, but there have been implications from peopel like John Madden, himself, that Gruden would be the person brought in to run things when Al passes the torch.

With Gruden coming into town and partying with Raider fans at Ricky's in San Leandro last Saturday and then this rumor being tossed about, a Raider can dream can't he?