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Oakland Raider News: Today Will Be A Day Of Mourning For Chris Henry:

I will not report on anything today. After seeing the photo of Chris Henry with his children, I just can't write about anything that is going on in Raider Land.

Football seems like just a kid's game played by grown men today. I don't know what it is about Chris Henry passing away that got to me this morning. He isn't a Raider. I don't know him. I've never even met him. But, I CAN personally relate to him.

But, what he is to me is someone who overcame long odds and his own problems to right his ship and become a success. I can personally ralte to this in my own life.

Also, like me, he was a father of three children. One of my deepest fears is dying young and not being able to raise my young daughters, let alone them not knwoing me, or be there for my teenage son when life bites him in the backside.

This is a very real tragedy. I know that young fathers die every day, and I weep for them when I hear about it. It is just that we usually don't get to know the intimate details because they are not famous.

I said a prayer for his children today and I encourage all of you of different faiths to do the same. Whether it is a prayer, a meditation or just a thought, I believe that it will cause some good to go to his family.

A young man was taken from us today, and many are weeping.