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Oakland Raiders Game Thread: 12-20-09: Let's Ruin the Broncos Playoff Chances...Again!

I have, over the years, debated with myself over which team in the AFC West that I hate the most. It has fluctuated between each of the three,but, my hate has been forced upon the Denver Broncos more than the rest.

I just hate everything about the Broncos. I hate their colors, I hate their coaches, I hate John Elway's horse face and I now hate Brandon Marshall's 21 receptions.

Today is the day that the Oakland Raiders get to march into Invesco, I hate the snowballers there too, and try to once again ruin the Denver Broncos Playoff chances.

When your team is 4-9, these are the games that become your Super Bowl. Today's game is the last meaningful game of the year. Sure winning the last two are important as well. No one wants to lose 10 or more games AGAIN. But, today's opponent is the last team that I will be UP for.

Our fate rests in the capable hands of "Film'Rat" Charlie Frye and Nnamdi Asomugha. Frye will need to use his legs a lot today in order to avoid the Denver pass rush and I am hoping that Nnamdi matches up on Brandon "Slipped on a McDonald's wrapper" Marshall because we need to show that our defense is flexible and Nnamdi deserves the spotlight.