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Who Is Your Defensive Player Of The Game?

I know that the offense is getting heavy praise for their performance today. It is justly deserved. Michael Bush read the cutbacks and counters so well that I thought he was Marcus Allen or John Riggins. But, this game was won on the defensive side of the ball.

There is no argument that can convince me otherwise. In fact, had it not been for Stanford Routt, this game would have been won by a score of 20-9. Routt was THAT bad, and the rest of the defense was THAT good.

Time and again the Denver Broncos were sent away from the Goal Line. I mean, Tommy Kelly Gave Up His Drawls for the victory!!! You have to click on that link, it may be the funiest moment in NFL History!!!

Many Others gave more than just their undergarments, so I ask you, who gave the best performance on defense today?

Tyvon Branch - Besides having a front row seat of Big Daddy's backside, he tallied 11 tackles and was a force at the line of scrimmage. Tyvon was one of the major reasons that the Broncos only ran for 80 yards. He was also the guy holding down Tony Scheffler on that last play.

Matt Shaughnessy - A constant disruption in the Bronco backfield. Matt gathered a sack and two stuffs behind the line.

Greg Ellis - Ellis filled out thge stat sheet like a pro's pro. His last sack was a game changer. With 35 seconds on the clock and the Broncos only needing 35 yard with one time-out left, the game was far from over. That is until Greg sacked Orton and forced a fumble, taking valuable time off the clock (2 seconds were mysteriously added after the play, but, that is another story). Ellis' sack was the game ender in my book.

Kirk Morrison - He called great game from the MLB position and it seemed that every time a Bronco tried to get loose, Capt. Kirk was busting him up shy of the first down marker.

Michael Huff - Huff was key on two passes to Brandon Marshall, including the 3rd down pass on the final Bronco drive when he seperated man from ball as well as anyone can. He laid the "Wood" as well as any Raider safety I have seen since "Wood"-son himself.

There they are Raider Nation, 5 names other than "The Silent One" Nnamdi Asomugha. Who was your Defensive Player Of The Game?