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Silver and Black Pride Tailgate is Set: 01-03-10: Oakland Raiders vs Baltimore Ravens

Here is the Deal:

I spoke to my ticket rep and he has reserved 20 seats together in Section 302. 10 up and 10 back. He was able to take $10 off of each ticket so they are $36 apiece.

Here is his e-mail, his name is Panos, and it has instructions:

Below is your Season Ticket Account Number. When you have someone who wants to call in and make a payment on your account, just give them your account number and whichever rep they speak with can take the payment over the phone. They can call 800-RAIDERS if they do not find me. I have made a note on your account that you have given permission to do so in the event I am not here.

It does look like I will be out of the office until Monday, so if you have any questions you can call 800-RAIDERS and anyone can help you out. Otherwise I will be checking my email throughout the weekend as well. Thank you again and Go Raiders!

Season Ticket Account Number: 1054841

He has also assured me that if we fill in the 20 seats, he will open more in the Section.

I know that Golden State of Mind gets 1,000 - 2,000 fans to their events. I'd be happy with 1/100th of that total. Just call 1 800 Go Raiders, give them my account number, pay for your tickets and I will have them for you at Will Call.

Now, onto the tailgate: ( You do not need to buy a tciket with us to eat with us, just let me know you are coming and bring something)

I will get into line at 6AM, if any of you wish to join me there, then you can jump in line with us and get your car near the tailgate.

The gates will open at 8AM, and the grilling will start immediately.

I am thinking of a menu consisting of:

Chorizo, Eggs, Tortillas, Potatoes


Ribs, Chicken, Potato Salad, Carne Asada, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs

Libation: I can rent a keg if we get 20 or more beer drinkers

T-Shirts: I am still working on getting them together and could use any help that is out there

Guest Appearance: We are working on getting Tyvon out to the tailgate before the game and he has confirmed that IF it fits with his pre-game routine he will make it out. He would love to meet each of you.

Location: We will be tailgating with the Grilla-Rilla Gang. They set up at the corner nearest the freeway and Oracle Arena on the North Side. There will be plenty of signage and we will not be difficult to find.

Special Mention: This will be Raider Bob's last game for the forseeable future as he will be relocating to Washington, so let's make it especially kick-ass!!!

Please respond to this thread when you buy tickets, so that I will know how many are gone, and also respond with what food you can bring as well as whether or not you are interested in a T-Shirt. I am trying to keep the T-shirt price under $10.

You can also e-mail me directly at

Let's Do THIS Raiders!!!