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Merry Christmas To Everyone in the SB Nation, Especially The Raider Nation!!!

I am so thankful this year that this site has become a Community. We have gotten to know eachother through our opinions about football and have hopefully provided enough distractions to help those of us who have been troubled make it through tough days.

I first started writing on this Network in it's infancy and have seen us grow from a few sports sites to the number one sports blogging platform in the known Universe.

When I took over this site four seasons ago, I was full of hope that Kerry Collins to Randy Moss would pave the way for the next generation of Oakland Raiders. Boy, was I wrong!!!

The good news is that my and OUR hopes have persevered and it looks like the next generation of Oakland Raiders have arrived. And one of those players has embraced this site and our Community. Tyvon Branch has been an A-Mazing contributor to our site. Every week he has given us hope and let us know that this team has NOT quit, because they play for eachother. Thanks Tyvon.

I'd also like to thank the contributing editors, especially Raiderway who kept the ship sailing when I was in over my head and not able to write regularly. I appreciate you very much.

Kai3er, LiveAdam and Rated R have contributed great opinions and each have their own strengths. Between balancing school and blogging, they have done a great job.

And I want to thank Marquez in advance for the Lester Hayes piece he is still working on, after a year, I am sure it will be a book!!! ;)

Most of all I'd like to thank everyone who reads the random stuff that we write about and helps us feel like we are actually taken seriously, and NOT SO seriously.

We have many years to grow, as this BLOG sensation is sill in it's infancy. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and thank you for making this place so special!

- Saint