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Saint's "Idiot's Guide" To Fixing The Oakland Raiders:

We all know that this team, save the Gruden years, has been run into the ground since the return to Oakland. In fact, here are some alarming stats that can no longer be ignored.

Franchise Record: 408-332-11

Record Since Returning to Oakland: 95 - 150 ( .3877 Win %)

Record Without Gruden: 46 - 119 (Taking 2003 out as well) (Adding 2003, 57-124) ( .2787 Win %)

At this pace, which shows NO signs of stopping, the Raiders, who were at one time the "Winningest Franchise in Professional Sports History" will be sub .500 as a franchise by 2017.

Of the 8 Head Coaches in the last 15 years, only three had previous Head Coach Experience, two of whom have been failures and one who should have never been fired by Al, to his own admission, in the first place and was re-hired. (Joe Bugel - Cardinals (4), Art Shell - LA Raiders (6), Norv Turner - Redskins (7))

Then there was this blurb from the Cable Re-Hiring Press Conference:

"-Q: Would you like to hire somebody to help you in the personnel department?

-DAVIS: We have two executives in personnel, but I don’t know if they’re going to stay. I haven’t made up my mind exactly what I’m going to do. But I’m going to do something. I haven’t made up my mind exactly what I’m going to do. I thought of you, but John Herrera wouldn’t OK you."

Hmmm? This was after saying THIS at the Kiffin firing:

– Davis said he is looking at a football executive he declined to name who will be needed to help guide the Raiders through issues such as labor, a new stadium


So, here is step ONE of getting the Oakland Raiders back to the top, where they belong, of the NFL:

1) Al Davis needs to hire "That Elusive Executive" that he knows he needs and he has to give that person, whom he respects, the reigns to this team. He knows that he needs a Bruce Allen, Mike Holmgren or Ron Wolf-Type again.

The problem is, and I thought about this this morning, him handing over control, actual control, of the team would be like me becoming a vegetable and wanting my wife to get remarried. I mean, if she and the kids were happy, then I'd want that right? I don't think that Al understands that the time has come to hand the reigns over. His day of running things is done, over, c'est la vie! Let the fans and YOUR Organization be happy again Al!

Your record without Gruden speaks for itself.

2) Al needs to bring in a proven winner AFTER he hires the executive. Bill Cowher, Brian Billick or Jim Harbaugh would be MUCH easier to bring over here IF they knew that they would report to someone other than Al Davis. We've already lost Sean Payton AND the Kiffins (I can't believe that Monte Kiffin would have been our Defensive Coordinator the past two seasons if Al would have just let Lane bring his Father in and fired Rob Ryan, who's defense still stinks in Cleveland)

3) If JaMarcus Russell is not putting in Vince Young-Type Effort  after being benched then the team will need to part ways with "The Duece" and get a Veteran Leader in here to run the offense. He is just too expensive to keep around. But, I'd let the new GM make that call.

I know that Al LOVES JaMarcus, but let's be real. The kid is currently a fat, uninspired, HUGE paycheck cashing bust. He has the tools, yes, but, just because T-Martin said he was good, does NOT make him the future.

So, Raider Nation, it really is that simple. It is time for Al to take his place in the stars and move onto the next stage of his life...NFL ICON...It is time for him to show the NFL World that he is a genius, a genius that can change his mind for the betterment of his organization and not a mad genius that will ruin that which he loves so much and continue to deny it happiness.