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Silver and Black Pride Day at The Coliseum, January 3rd 2010:

So, here is the Update for the Festivities on January 3rd.

1) There will be Beer

2) There will be girls..Oops, I meant GRILLS!!!

3) There will be tequila

4) I am working on some discount tickets

5) I am working on a special guest

Can you please reply to this thread IF you can make it. Please indicate if you will need a ticket. I am aiming for a Ticket/T-Shirt package for $25.

So far, I have:

Bud Light, Brhyno, Nishal, M-Rod, Gary D and Woody, Sons of Blanda +1...

If we can't get 20 people that need tickets than the $25 package goes away, I think.


Also, keep the ideas coming for the T-Shirt. So far, we have:

1) Win or Lose Still Drink Booze

2) It is all about coming together as a team. At the end of the day, the team is all we have. - T. Branch 10-14-09

And I believe that Golden State Guerrero is still working on a couple. Remember the winner gets a free T-Shirt.