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Half Time Thread: 10-6 Steelers: The Raiders Brought Their A-Game in the First Half:

Wow, Raider fans, we do have an offense...It just isn't named Darren McFadden...Or JaMarcus Russell...Or Javon Walker...Or Darius Heyward-Bey...Nope, it is named Johnie-Lee-Fargas-Miller-Gradkowski!

Bruce is having a fantastic game under Center. He is 7/9 for 86 yards and a very nice 106.5 passer rating.

Against the 3rd best run defense Justin Fargas has rushed for 42 yards on 9 carries while Darren McFadden has only 19 yards on 8 carries. McFadden is having trouble reading blocks and is definitely my 3rd option in the 2nd half. We need to use him on wheel routes, kick returns and in the slot until he learns how to read blocks.

I like the 18 rush to 10 pass ratio, this is how it needs to be.

Johnnie Lee Higgins looks like he can be the first Raider receiver to reach 100 yards this season.

Go Raiders