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Oakland Raiders News: Getting to Know Jim Michalczik

Here are a bunch of links about our news Offensive Line Coach, Jim Michalczik:

An Interview from 2007

Here is a highlight from that interview.

Describe your offensive philosophies? To have a great offense you have to be able to strike any part of the field in multiple ways at any time, and you have to be physical. We want to be a talented, multi-dimensional and explosive offense next season,

UW reporting on his signing last December

Michalczik has a reputation of being one of the top offensive line coaches in the West and if you look at the way Cal runs the ball and develops all conference linemen the kudo's are very well deserved.


He Joined the Raiders

When he was hired, Michalczik was the highest-paid UW assistant ever. That lasted less than a month, until Sarkisian pried defensive coordinator Nick Holt away from USC by offering him twice as much a season.

If you're Michalczik, that must have been upsetting. Why should the defensive coordinator make $700,000 to your $350,000?


I think that the new O-Line Coach needs his own wiki page, he doesn't have one yet.

To me, he is a rock star hiring. He is completely what Tom Cable needs in order to be able to focus on his duties as signal caller and Head Coach. He has been an OC and has won with Miami and Cal.

In short, welcome to the Nation Jim, and I'm sure that you will fit right in. Just grab some black face paint and an eye patch.

I like this hiring and please feel free to insert and links or thoughts on him into the thread.