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Oakland Raiders News: Lane Kiffin Continues to Let His True Self Show

It was pretty easy for "Lance" Kiffin to come in here two seasons ago and announce that all was rotten in the State of Raider Nation. He subsequently fired everything that moved in Alameda and brought in his guys.

Then after they were here he announced that he didn't get the people he wanted because alot of the top flight coaches had already been taken. OUCH!

He then went on to defy Al Davis and EVERYTHING Raider.

When he was FINALLY fired for Cause it sent the media and fans into two camps.

One camp thought that Al had lost it and that a young great coach was being unfairly torn aprt to the Nation on an overhead projector.

The camp that I was in said, "What has this peon ever done in the NFL and I am glad that he is gone...That sniveling underhanded College puke!!!!"


As fate would have it, Lane's true colors are being revealed once more:

After signing with Tennessee, he started out with this:


"I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn't get him," Kiffin said, according to a WVLT-TV report.

"It is obvious that coach Kiffin doesn't know that there is not a rule precluding phone contact with a prospect during an official visit on another campus during a contact period," Foley said in a statement.

"In my enthusiasm for our recruiting class, I made some statements that were meant solely to excite those at the breakfast," Kiffin said. "I apologize to commissioner Mike Slive and the SEC, including Florida (athletic director) Jeremy Foley and coach Urban Meyer. My comments were not intended to offend anyone at the University of Florida."

I guess he doesn't know that sticking you finger in Urban's eye is a little bit different than elder abuse.

Now it has gotten even worse for our ousted know-it-all:

Seriously Worse:


Last week I wondered aloud whether Lane Kiffin, while obviously in possession of a very attractive wife, is completely without a clue. Since taking over as Tennessee’s coach, he has famously accused Urban Meyer of recruiting violations that were not actually recruiting violations, and he has also disparaged his current crop of incoming recruits by saying, “Understand this class is far below the standards we have here and what will be here in the future.”


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee officials self-reported two secondary recruiting violations committed in January under coach Lane Kiffin and his staff in a letter to the NCAA and Southeastern Conference.


Are You Freaking Kidding me? Lane has already torn down the people he recruited and broke rules that he accused another of? Nah, not our Savior Lane Kiffin!!! I wonder if he just cost himself any money that Al may have had to pay him. Seriously.


This guy here already wants him OUT:


To maintain even a modicum of integrity and respect in the world of college football, Tennessee needs to fire Lane Kiffin as its head football coach.

Immediately (if not sooner).

WOW, he said modicum?


Sure, getting rid of Kiffin now would be unprecedented and expensive. However, I'm sure even Tennessee fans with a working brain would admit his career is DOA.

I knew I should have bough the URL "Fire Lane" I probably could have sold it to someone in Rocky Top for a mint this morning!!!