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Oakland Raiders DLD 2/18/09: Silver And Black Pride - Premiere Edition

The Premiere Edition of the Oakland Raiders DLD for Silver And Black Pride has arrived! That is the "Daily Link Dump" for those of you that are unfamiliar. I have linked some current stories that you all might find interesting where it relates to our Raiders. Not only should you add your opinions to the various news items, but you are free to "dump" any other links that you feel would be of interest to the community.

So have at it SABP, let's take this new DLD out for a spin!

  • The good news that The Bengals' decision to franchise kicker Shayne Graham is that now they will not franchise T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Though the Bengals could re-sign TJ, that seems unlikely as he wants out of Cinncy. For the Raiders, it means that they will have shot at going after TJ and upgrading their WR position. Or, as rumored, Seattle signs TJ, then they will not draft Crabtree which leaves open that possibility for the Raiders. Of course, Cincinnati picks just before Oakland, but I still think they will take an OT.
  • The Broncos have released Dewayne Robertson for salary cap purposes. This could be a decent pick-up for the Raiders and be an upgrade over Sands should he be released as expected. In Denver, Robertson was playing in a scheme which he wasn't suited for, while in Oakland he would fit well in the Raiders 4-3 defense.
  • Here, Nancy Gay gives a nice breakdown of NFL salary cap numbers crunching. Clearly, the Raiders have some work to do and it is understandable that the Nnamdi/Lechler situation will not be resolved til the last minute.
  • It's the off season, so I thought this would be great to fire up Raider Nation!!
  • Just in and not unexpected, the Raiders cut Ronald Curry today which will knock $2.3 million of Oakland's cap figure. Next up...Kwame!