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Oakland Raiders DLD 2/20/09: The Nnamdi After"math" and Other Tidbits

DLD 2/20/2009: The Nnamdi After"math" and Other Tidbits for our Silver and Black Pride community.

  • Yesterday the Raiders inked Nnamdi to a three year contract that makes him the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history. It was a high price for the Raiders to pay, but I cannot think of a player in the NFL more deserving. Nnamdi is a true leader, unselfish team player and the dictionary definition of a consumate professional. One thing is for sure, Chris Johnson's interception total are sure to go up. With this kind of legitimate recognition going to Nnamdi, he might not see more than 10 passes thrown at him all year.

Now we can move on to signing our remaining lower-level free agents which are mostly special teamers. The most essential in my opinion is Justin Miller. Why several in the media believe the Raiders will nor sign him I don't know. But Miller is a damn good kick returner is fast, young and should not be that expensive. He is also a DB that held his own starting in place of Nnamdi in the last game of the season against Tampa.

  • Adam Schefter reports that an  NFL-record 14 players receive franchise tags. None on that list appear to be realistic Raider targets, so depending on how the Raiders cap will look, there will be some quaility FA's for the Raiders to go after before the draft.
  • This was NFL Combine week and did a great analysis of this years tackle class. The great thing about this group of tackles, is that if the Raiders do draft one in the first round, it appears that they will be an instant starter.
  • This is almost too ridiculous to be true. Lane Kiffin Accuses Oakland Raiders of Multiple Recruiting Violations. I knew Kiffin was an immature child trying to play with the big boys, but I didn't really think that he was an absolute moron:

 "I have it on good word that scouts within the Oakland Raiders franchise plan on meeting with several collegiate players in the coming days at something called 'The NFL Combine,'" said Kiffin, speaking at a school-sponsored breakfast. "It's inappropriate for the Raiders to try and steal players from the college ranks, and I hope the NCAA looks into these violations and acts accordingly."