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Oakland Raiders News: Saint Wants Brian Robiskie in Silver and Black

There...I said it...I am going out and saying that, " Brian Robiskie is the receiver that I want the Raiders to Draft".

Last season I wanted one of three receivers in the second/third round.

Those of you that were here will recall how I continuously wrote about how I wanted Desean Jackson, Eddie Royal or Dexter Jackson to don the Raider colors. None of them ended up here, BUT, I feel the same way about Robiskie and I would be VERY content in knowing that he was donning the Silver and Black.

It is not because he is, former Raider, Terry Robiskie's son it is because he has the potential to be the perfect posession receiver with Higgins and Schilens on his flanks.

Of course, IF, Michael Crabtree fell to the 7th pick, then Al Davis and Co. would have to take him (Unless his medical report gets even worse) and then choose between a Center, Linebacker and Strong/Free Safety with the next 3 picks.

But with that said, I have watched Robiskie play for years and I see something special in him. I am thinking that if we draft anyone but a receiver in the first and Robiskie is there, then he would HAVE to be the pick.

Not only does he have the hands and route running ability to be a great possession receiver, he ran a 4.48 at the combine...that is...WITHOUT A enough to make a move...take an angle...AND BE GONE! ( ala Wes Welker, in today's NFL)

JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, Zach Miller, Michael Bush, Chaz Schilens, Johnnie Lee Higgins and Brian Robiskie would be an incredible core of offensive skill players around which the Raiders could build for years to come.

Now, to the question of who will be available at pick #7?