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My First Two...Hickup...Rounds: (Urban Style)

First off I like to start the evening out right with a Top Shelf Margarita.,,Cadillac Style...Float that Contreau!!!!

Then for a second round it has to be Grey Goose Kammies!!!!

That second round can VERY EASILY become the same thing you are drinking until your buddy decides to, either, call you a cab or get you a shot of Jaeger THEN call you a cab!!!

But on the real,,,This is the year of the O-Lineman in the First Round and the Raiders will do well to choose an O-Lineman in the first round. That is unless Coralejo, I mean, Michael Crabtree falls to the 7 spot. Then I would FULLY expect the Raiders to grab him and then either take Unger or Mack in the 2nd Round.

If everything works out with an O-Lineman in the 1st, then I would love to see either Robiskie or Mathews in the Silver and Black....And I would trade my entire draft to ensure that I had some form of this combo:

Smith/Monroe (Crabtree), Mack/Unger, Mathews/Robiskie for my three selections in the 2009 draft.

We have the talent and the coaches to make this thing, THE PLAYOFFS, happen.