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Oakland Raiders News: What Effect Would Adding Two Offensive Linemen Have On The Depth Chart?

While everyone is breaking down free agency and speaking of franchising...or not...I can't help but wonder about the draft once more.

This morning I got to thinking just how great our offensive line could be under Cable and, I am going out on a limb here Keith Gilbertson's, control.

Gallery, Henderson, McQuistan and Grove could be joined by Oher/Smith/Monroe and Mack/Unger for 2009.

I can see Grove moving to RG to make room for our rookie Center and having Henderson and another Big Boy as the bookends.


There is no denying that Mario Henderson was instrumental in keeping the passrush from getting to JaMarcus Russell and he will be pencilled in as a starter in 2009. The only question will be if he starts at RT or LT.

I start to get excited when I see us drafting a player as good as a Ryan Clady, Jake Long or Joe Thomas.

Imagine Robert Gallery and Michael Oher teaming up on the Left side of the line, with Mario Henderson and either Paul McQuistan or Jake Grove flanking Alex Mack or Max Unger. That would be a very talented offensive line that could be together for a VERY long time.


Most Mock Drafts have Mack or Unger available for our second round selection, so this scenario is entirely possible and the rest of the additions can be made from the third round on down.

I had to watch us pass on Satele and Kalil only to see them blossom as centerpieces of their respective lines. I don't care if we don't draft a wide receiver, at this point, as long as we shore up the line.