Building a team and who should we draft?

When it comes to building an NFL team that is successful, a few basic tenets are necessary to consider.  As it pertains to the Raiders, these tenets have been neglected or mishandled over the last 6-8 years, resulting in the doldrums that has plagued the franchise.  The easy way for the Raiders to improve would be to consider the basic tenets as it would pertain to the draft.

This year in particular, we have an opportunity to strengthen two extreme weaknesses, those being our offensive line and our wide receiver positions.  Having seen our deficiencies in the pass catching department, I can wholly sympathize with the Raider faithful who are calling for us to use our high pick on the talented receiver from Texas Tech, one Michael Crabtree.  While he is a breakout talent waiting to happen, one of the tenets of buidling success comes from starting in the trenches.  With that in mind, I think that with the first pick that the Raiders have in this year's draft, they should draft the big LT Monroe from Virginia.

Here's the rationale for that decision.  The left tackle position on the offensive line is extremely important, because not only do they have the normal responsibilities of a lineman (run block and pass block), they also protect the quarterbacks blind side, something that is important considering our young quarterback can not throw from his back.

By starting in the trenches, we give the line a boost, and we also do not take a huge hit anywhere else.  Doing this will allow us in the second round, to acquire a talented receiver from Maryland in Darrius Hayward-Bey.  He's a large target, fast, and can catch the ball.  Failing that, I would like to see us take a chance at getting Hakeem Nicks from North Carolina, or if he drops to the second round (or if we move up into the first again by trade) I'd like to see the Raiders pick up Jeremy Maclin from MIzzou.

But the only way I want to see the flashy guys on the outside is if they've been drafted after the Hometown Buffet guys in the middle.